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Increase revenue using Handhelds

Increase revenue using Handhelds

Traditionally, restaurants have been relying on pen and paper or their own memory to take orders from customers. With customers demanding quick and efficient table service, the paper and pen method just doesn't live up to expectations. 

Imagine taking your EPOS terminal with you, away from the counter or bar. The Microtill Pad is designed to provide waiters additional flexibility within the restaurant floor, by taking orders from customers directly at the table and relaying them instantly to the kitchen while not having to run back to a separate terminal at the counter. Orders are processed faster and tables turned quicker, the Microtill Pad reduces staff visits to the bar and kitchen, leaving your staff more time to focus on your customer’s experience and not wasted on reading messy handwriting or looking for missing orders.

So what are the benefits of having a handheld solution?

  • Increase transaction speed
  • Increase spend per head through upselling prompts
  • Enhance staff productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce hardware costs
  • Amaze customers with modern and immersive ordering
  • Cost effective handheld solution

With the Pad waiters can improve service by processing orders more quickly, reduce human error involved in writing down orders and re-entering them at an EPoS terminal, and increase customer throughput by upselling. It can also be used for taking orders from queuing customers, meaning that they are more inclined to stay and wait for their table. And waiters can move between tables without having to return to a fixed terminal, therefore improving their efficiency.

The Microtill Pad relays information to the kitchen staff so that they can begin cooking meals immediately. With Staff having access to the whole menu, information about meals can be provided instantly answering important questions about food content. This will reassure guests with allergies, for example. The ability to script prompts for staff can increase revenue. If they are reminded to offer drinks or side dishes with each order, the increased orders will soon mount up. If an item is sold out, Microtill Pad will warn waiting staff: You can't order two lasagnes if the Pad knows there is only one left in the kitchen.

Bills can be printed out via the Pad and paid for either at the touch till or at the table (in conjunction with a wireless credit card terminal). The Pad collates and prints all the information you'll need, including names of waiting staff, order time, table number and special instructions.


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