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The Microtill Office Web is a Cloud-based version of Microtill’s popular EPoS back office software. With this powerful web-based EPoS system, any time, anywhere in the world, any number of users have access to live and archive sales data, via a computer, tablet, smartphone and more.

  • Full product maintenance from anywhere
  • Manage stock from stockroom or office
  • EPoS systems automatically updated
  • Complete staff control
  • Retrieve live sales reports instantly
  • Clear user interface
  • Historical product reporting
  • View all till receipts

Microtill Office Web connects with Microtill's flagship reliable and proven EPoS touch screen till software. Which has been developed over 15 years and (thanks to annual software upgrades) it remains cutting edge.

Microtill has over 25 years experience in developing and supplying Electronic Point of Sale solutions and have installed over 10,000 systems nationwide.


Microtill Office Web view your business anywhere…

Microtill Office Web is the complete EPoS system solution and indispensable tool for any size of business, from a single till, to 10 tills in three branches, to 10,000 tills in 3000 branches. For larger businesses, information can be collated and displayed at either branch or head office level.

Microtill Office Web allows you to remotely view live sales. Plus, it’s not all about the now. Microtill Office Web can access and show historic data too.

No nasty surprises with Microtill Office Web…

Using key performance indicators, Microtill Office Web alerts you to potential transaction fraud or mis-management. It highlights unexpected changes and other high risk transactions. Tell Microtill Office Web what the boundaries are it will patrol them for you. It even features a traffic light signal system for a quick visual warning.

The drill-down feature gives you fast access to a specific transaction. Broaden or refine to identify trends or patterns. From there, it’s just a few clicks away to find your evidence of the specific transaction. Easily extract financial reports and export them into PDF and Excel CSV. Safety first…

If the power fails and your freezer lets you down, at least you'll be able to count on our EPoS system. When the tills (and the lights) come back on you'll find you haven't lost any data. The system is robust and rugged and it doesn't crash, which means you don't lose a sale. It can't re-freeze the ice-cream though. Sorry.



Plan & Pay on Microtill Office Web

  • A tool to schedule sales areas and staff breaks, plus it saves you up to 10% in staff costs.
  • Work out wages: Pay staff on your terms and ensure they are working only when you want them to.
  • Combine payroll data with accounting software.
  • Frees you from admin.
  • Manage staff easily with Microtill Office Web and you’ll know your business is as cost effective as it can be.
  • Drawing information from Microtill’s tested and proven EPoS system, Microtill Office Web tells you which employees are working and how they’ve performed, hour on hour.

    We're confident that our EPoS system offers you more features and flexibility than any on the market today. It's no accident we're leading the field in supplying complete EPoS system solutions for hospitality, catering and retail in the UK!


Price & Sales Management

Keeping your products and prices up to date is essential for the maintenance of your GP percentages. Control your business, maintain your product file without fuss and ensure your revenue is maximised for each of your products.

  • Simple to alter product names or prices to keep your product list up to date
  • Schedule these changes at your specified date and time to enable trading to continue without disruption
  • Obtain GP percentages for individual or groups of products
  • Change any price and unit cost to ensure you get your GP Target
  • Isolate products by supplier with unique cost prices
  • Change a unit price modifier or any pack size
  • Suggest a price mark-up or GPM based on current selling price, cost price, Average cost price, last cost price or standard cost price
  • Automatically print out shelf-edge labels or pricing labels from the till

Manage Discounts

Easy to use and track so you know that all your data is up to date. Many business offer a discount to their valued customers and we can offer a real insight into how their customers are spending and where to offer incentives for them to spend more.

  • Product – manage specific discounts by product
  • Customer – manage specific discounts by customer
  • Store – manage specific discounts by location
  • Range Discount -manage complex discounts for groups of products.
  • Discounts supported include: buy any three products from a selected list and get one free, or buy any 4 products from the list for a fixed price etc


Improve your Business Revenue by Upselling

What Is Upselling?

Upselling is quite simply the process of having the customer increase the value of their order. This could be through selling more of the same product, or upgrading their original order.

Upselling is a common strategy for restaurants to boost their profits. By training your staff in ways to sell more, you could increase your business turnover by as much 25%. Upselling is more than just sales; it requires perception, knowledge and discretion. At its best, upselling can look less like sales and more like customer service; effective techniques should be subtle enough to avoid annoying the customer or making them feel pestered.

“Upselling could increase your business turnover by as much 25%”

There are several techniques to implement to help convince customers to change their order or to buy extra but be careful as it is likely that your customer has a set budget in mind so balancing the Up-selling offer can be a difficult prospect.

Learn more about upselling here



Stock Control

A business gaining control of their stock is an essential element to ensure all products being brought to site are leaving site with a maximum revenue. Knowing what stock is available at any given time enables control of orders and over ordering is virtually eliminated.

  • List with a snapshot of what remains in stock at any given time
  • Order and supplier details gives a clear view of what stock has entered the business
  • With all supplier details in one place, these details can be called upon to ensure the right orders are going to the right supplier
  • Recipes are useful for goods which are made up of specific stock items to keep control of where these items are being used


Reports & Finance

A plethora of reports are available for you to really drill down into the data captured by your business EPoS system. From essential daily reporting of sales data which can be arranged by individual item, department or group to more specific information such as top 100 item sales by profit. These can be used to analyse the business to ensure you are able to maximise sales potentials

  • PLU by Clerk showing exactly which staff member / clerk has sold exactly which items
  • Department sales with details of where your customers are spending and the most value of your time spent


People Management

Reducing the time required for internal procedures will ultimately increase efficiency and profit for your business.

Our easy to use software has an in-built employee performance analysis which enables you to set and monitor sales and performance targets for your employees.

Features include:

  • Secure Staff log on
  • Simple upselling features
  • Employee performance analysis
  • Staff time and attendance analysis
  • Control access for Management & Supervisors


Customer Loyalty

Introducing a simple loyalty scheme to your business is an ideal way to reward your customers. Happy customers come back time and time again so it makes sense to connect to your customers and work out what customers want from your business.

All our EPOS systems come with as simple loyalty package built within the software so getting started couldn’t be simpler. Use our software to build a purchase history and manage customer account balances. All that adds up to maximised sales and improved margin.

Monitor your customers and their spending habits so you can plan and roll out promotions and target specific stock lines.

  • Money off discounts
  • Multibuy offers (eg: buy 2 get one free)
  • Points reward scheme ……… the choice is yours.

Microtill also offers a centralised loyalty system which works perfectly for Multibranch applications. Further details available on request.



Design Architecture

Software is exclusively designed and hosted by ICR Touch the UK’s leading EPOS Software provider. ICR’s software offers unparalleled flexibility, designed and configured to meet the specific needs of all types of businesses for both independent operators and large corporations.

ICRTouch is the UK's leading EPoS software provider, with over 60,000 installs nationwide. They craft and continually enhance a host of Point of Sale products to make your business run more easily and efficiently.




Established in 1991, the key to our ongoing success has been the determination to nurture relationships with suppliers and our nationally recognised loyal business partners.

With a supply chain network stretching across the UK we continue to provide ongoing innovative and progressive solutions that deliver growth, irrespective of scale.
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