Welcome To Microtill

Established in 1991, the key to our ongoing success has been the determination to nurture relationships with suppliers and our nationally recognised loyal business partners.

With a supply chain network stretching across the UK we continue to provide ongoing innovative and progressive solutions that deliver growth, irrespective of scale.

  • George Inn
    This has made such a huge difference to the running of the bars. Staff have found it easy to use and training has been speedy.
    Chris Eyles
    George Inn, Daventry


We at Microtill see EPoS as one of the key management tools in driving a successful business. The installation of any technological advancement can be viewed as a threat, an encumbrance and just another chore to add to the workload. Our aim at Microtill is to remove these concerns by demonstrating the power of EPoS and how technology can have a positive impact on a business.

  • White Lion Dunstable
    “A fantastic management tool. It has dramatically reduced losses. The support has been excellent.”
    Emily Stickings
    The White Lion, Dunstable

The Market

Each and every business is unique in its own trading environment

Whilst there are common threads to the products and services they provide, the requirement and aspiration to possess that point of difference has rarely been more relevant.

One constant remains, no business can afford to underestimate the business insight that is realised by employing the right level of systems and processes vital to making and taking important, informed decisions.Understanding, interrogating and reacting to this management information remains key to unlocking potential, certain to ensure a sound return on investment.
  • Cabin
    “I especially like how simple it is to use, especially adding new prices and items … it has sped up service considerably.”
    Peter Guise
    The Cabin, Sedgley

The Customer

To complement the uncompromising levels of service that your customer facing team delivers, it is critical that the platform used is user friendly. This alone, significantly enhances the guest experience allowing for a smooth, effortless exchange.

Customers are inherently value and experience driven and as such with the use of various customer data tools, our systems offer a unique insight into what your customers are telling you, through their purchasing habits.

Understand this, and it provides the ability to work on three key areas

Key Area

  • The Butcher Arms
    “We have used the new functions to help increase sales and loyalty discounts. It’s so simple, anyone can use it! It gives you the ability to add food and other items as your business grows.”
    Roger Tate
    Butchers Arms, Yeovil

Desgin - Architecture

We pride ourselves on being more than just a supplier, instead a business partner, working alongside you as operational needs evolve, at each stage providing you with support and guidance.

The unique nature of your business must first be understood, only then can a scalable solution be tailored to meet your needs.

To start with the end in mind, our advice is to identify what your business is looking to achieve, naturally supported by our experienced team along the journey.

Our range of products and software allows for greater flexibility, including the use of both open and semi-open platforms such as Windows™ & Android™ technology and in most cases, allowing the ability for us to link to third party applications to further enhance the product.

The environment is just as important and for those undergoing capital investments, we work hand in hand with third party suppliers and contractors, should you wish.

  • “This has made such a huge difference to the running of the bars. Staff have found it easy to use and training has been speedy.”
    Darryl Neil
    Pheasant Inn, Leeds

Desgin - Functionality

Quality technology affords you the ability to look at your management information to:

  • • Improve efficiency
  • • Identify cost reductions
  • • Drive yield opportunities
  • • Trend/category management analysis
  • • Access real time reporting
  • • Interact across social media platforms
  • • Drive customer led campaigns
  • • Loyalty campaigns
  • • Understand the effectiveness of sales mechanics

Further to this, we regularly influence the ongoing development of software programming, shaping solutions directly with our manufacturing and software partners.

  • It’s the one thing that mars a great night out – endless queueing, so we were determined to take that obstacle away and at the same time increase return bar visits with a smooth, seamless service. Microtill was able to provide us with the perfect solution.
    Steven King
    Stadia, Norwich


Training forms an integral part of making certain that a level of consistency exists across your business, especially designed for all levels of staff and management.

We remain committed to investing in your team, delivered through localised training, backed up with ongoing guidance, easy to follow reference guides, written with the end user in mind.

Our support team are always immediately available for some of those important changes, often needed with a sense of urgency. The relationship we maintain with our key suppliers allow us unrivalled access to their support network, offering bespoke additional training where required.


Throughout the entire journey, from design to implementation, a critical success factor is support, when you need it most.

We recognise that on the rare occasion where things don't go to plan, this is when you are right to demand the very best in service recovery and support.

A variety of tailored options are available to guarantee confidence in resoling every type if business interruption, most importantly aligned to leisure and hospitality hours of trading.

96% of all support calls resolved in under 10 minutes
85% of remote access support calls resolved in under 15 minutes
100% of services engineer attended calls resolved within 24 hours


In the unlikely event of business interruption, we offer complete piece of mind that a backup of all data is stored securely, mitigating risk to your business and it's respective customers.

Data is always stored with high levels of individual security protocols and client confidentiality remains at the core of our business vales. 

Enhanced Functionality

Open source technology offering easy access to essential day to day activities, i.e. stock ordering
on the move, booking interactions etc.

A system that links to third party applications, further enhancing the product and give your business the flexibility to expand when you need it.

Customer databasing affording your business intelligent communication

Remote visibility of your operation with the use of Cloud based software, capturing live information, giving you the control to make strategic decisions.

An open platform with the ability to make each business unique to its environment or specific

Instant marketing ability to drive customer awareness, through loyalty, competitions and ‘call to action’ campaigning.

Cost control at your fingertips, with detailed visibility