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Your Swiss Army Knife for Happy Customers


Microtill is proud to be a certified Como Partner,
offering multi-location companies everything they need to manage customers, grow customer loyalty, and increase sales. 

Como has been innovating customer engagement solutions in the cloud since 2010.

Complete toolset
for customer

POS integration
for seamless flow of your loyalty program

Advanced technology
like the world’s largest retailers have

Business analysis
that helps you make profitable decisions

Personalized loyalty programs
that keep customers coming


Automation tools
for hassle-free rewards and marketing

Your Swiss Army Knife
for Happy Customers

ComoSense is a cutting-edge platform that works inside your EPOS to give you complete purchase information and strategic insights. With your customised mobile app, control panel and dashboard, and flexible loyalty programs, you’ll have a Swiss army knife of customer management tools to grow your business.

The Perfect App for Your Business

Why Businesses Love ComoSense


Increase in loyalty club members.


Increase in purchases by members.


Growth in number of purchases.

ComoSense™ - Your Swiss Army Knife for Happy Customers

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