Casio SE-C3500

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    Product Description


    The SE-C3500 is combining style with functionality. The SE-C3500 10-line LCD provides the operator a reference for the current transaction to eliminate errors. Up to five (5) items, the transaction subtotal and the price of last item entered are all displayed for the operator’s review. The SE-C3500 also boasts a 2X20 pop-up customer confirmation display with the last item’s name, price and the transaction subtotal.

    The SE-C3500’s large flat keyboard (72 key positions) make this machine a perfect fit for small quick service, concession and take-out operations. The flat keyboard will accommodate those items deemed fast movers or frequently sold items allowing operators to speed up transaction time. The large heavy duty cash drawer makes it a perfect fit for high demand operations.

    The SE-C3500 two (2) station thermal printer provides receipt copies for customers and hard printed journal tape for the retailers records. Customer receipts can be customized with a graphic logo or programmable top and bottom messages along with the detailed item descriptors printing as well.

    An optional electronic payment device can be connected to the machine allowing the store owner to integrate credit, debit and gift card transactions. The integrated payment device will decrease the time it takes to finalize a transaction and the close out process at the end of the day.

    • 10-line operator LCD display with easy viewing tilt

    • 2 X 2 built-in pop up customer display

    • Hybrid keyboard with 72 flat keys with 3 levels


    Special Features

    • 10-line operator LCD display with easy viewing tilt
    • 2 X 2 built-in pop up customer display
    • Hybrid keyboard with 72 flat keys with 3 levels
    • Heavy duty metal cash drawer (5 note/5 coin)
    • SD card slot for program backup/re-load
    • Option to add integrated payment device (Pax or Datacap)
    • Easy to use drop & paper load 2-station thermal printer
    • Up to 3,000 PLU’s


    Product Specifications


    Body colour Black
    Keyboard Type Hybrid (flat & raised)
    Display Operator LCD with backlight, tilt mechanism
    Customer LCD with backlight; Upper line: 20, Pop-up
    Printer No. of sheets 2
    Printing method Thermal printer
    Printing speed 14 lines/sec (max)
    Printing width 58mm +0/-1 mm x80 ∅
    No. of PLUs 3,000
    Memory backup AA-size manganese batteries x 2 / Approx, 1-year backup (at 77 °F)
    Interface Memory: SD/SDHC memory card x 1, RS-232C: 2 ports
    Power source 100V〰240V
    Power consumption AC 120v 0.4A
    Operating temperature 32 to 104 degrees F (0 to 40 degrees C)
    Drawer Type Medium
    Dimensions and weight 15.7″×17.7″×8.6″