Casio SE-S3000

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    Product Description


    The Casio SE-S3000 cash register is part of a new line of cash registers that help activate retail businesses.  The SE-S3000 is the 2-sheet model of stroke keyboards, suitable for all retail businesses.  We also stock the 1 sheet version and the 1 and 2 sheet versions of the combination keyboard models.

    The range incorporates:

    • Stylish registers with large 10-line LCD
    • Ease of viewing for both operator and customer
    • Function and design that enhance shop efficiency and appeal.
    • Handy displays and innovative display functions
    • A wide range of functions that boost productivity


    Efficient, large, 10-line LCD

    The displays were designed to maximise viewability and ease of use.  Ten-line display capability facilitates input and confirmation during checkout and register setup operations.  And, the displays feature a tilt mechanism that permits angle adjustment and are backlit for accurate operation, even in dark shop interiors.


    Pop-up Customer Display

    Character display and pop-up capability ensure easy readability for customers.  Mistake-free register operation fosters customer trust and increases shop credibility.

    Stylish Design

    The effective use of curved lines produces in a sleek, stylish design.  These attractive cash registers fit in perfectly in modern apparel shops or fashionable bars and cafes.


    Intelligent Setup Using a PC

    A PC setup tools is available to save time and effort in setup by using a PC to install a new cash register.  Simply download the tool from a website.  Data input on a PC can be transferred for registration on the register unit using an SD card.

    SD Card Storage of Checkout Data

    Use an SD card to back up checkout data stored in the register.  Data can be viewed in CSV format on a PC and journal output is possible.

    Quiet, Fast Thermal Printer

    SE series registers are equipped with a low-noise thermal printer suitable for use in quiet retail environments.  High printing speed contributes to a pleasant checkout experience.

    Simple Drop-in Paper Loading

    Paper replacement is as easy as dropping in a new paper roll.  The operator can quickly and easily change rolls without keeping customers waiting.

    Printing of Memorable Graphic Logos

    SE series registers can print on receipts graphic logos that enhance a shop’s image by imparting a clear, powerful image to customers.




    Anti-bacterial Keyboard

    The keyboard is treated with an anti-bacterial process that inhibits the propagation of bacteria and mold.  These registers are designed to be used with confidence, even in restaurants, grocery stores and other retail environments where concern for sanitation is required.

    Calculator Function

    An easy-to-use calculator function is convenient for quick calculations in the checkout area.

    Printing of Operating Instructions

    Instructions for date and time adjustment, error reset, report issuance and other register operations can be printed on receipt paper for quick reference in a pinch.


    Support for 7,000 PLUs

    Support for 7,000 price lookups (PLUs) and use  at up to 72 departments (30 x 2 departments for the C3500) makes these registers suitable for use in department stores and other stores carrying a wide variety of products and cafes and restaurants with large menus.  The scanner function promotes quick and easy price registration.

    2-sheet Printer

    This printer can print a journal containing the sales amount and transaction details together with receipts. Since journal data can be recorded and stored, it can be used for confirmation, totalling analysis and other purposes.


    Product Specifications

    Body colour Silver
    Keyboard Type Stroke
    Display Operator LCD with backlight 10 digits, 10 line, tilt mechanism
    Customer LCD 2line, character display support, Pop-up, rotating mechanism
    Printer No. of sheets 2
    Printing method Thermal printer
    Printing speed 14 lines/sec (max)
    Printing width 58mm +0/-1 mm x80 ∅
    No. of PLUs 7,000
    Memory backup Small/medium size
    No. of RS232C ports Primary battery: 2 x AA size alkaline batteries / Data storage period: 1 year (at 25 degrees C) / Battery life: Replace every year
    Power source 100V〰240V
    Power consumption AC 220V〰240V 0.26A / 110V〰0.4A
    Operating temperature 32 to 104 degrees F (0 to 40 degrees C)
    Operating humidity 10〰90%RH
    Dimensions and weight (W x D x H) 400 x 450 x 220mm (15.7” x 17.7” x 8.6”)

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